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Now for those of you have seen this, it’s nothing more than a strip tease (and one that is getting on my nerves) for returning gamers. I believe you’ll find this quiet intriguing. I give you… BLACK MESA: SOURCE A MOD of the original Half-Life BLACK MESA, will be COMPLETELY FREE when its released. I…

Zelda II in 3D!!!

Click on the image below to be carried off to a far away land originally created by the folks at Nintendo, but revamped in 3D by Michael A. Johnston.  This ain’t your daddy’s Zelda, so check it out! This is a fan game made by Michael A Johnston. The original game, characters, sounds, and design…

A Must Have for My 360 Collection

The new Transformers video game, Transformers: War for Cybertron, will be a sort of prequel to the original Transformers series.  It just so happens that Devin and I are almost finished with Season 2 of the box set, so the timing is great for us! Check out this in-depth review from G4TV: