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Best. Porno. Ever.

Star Trek: The Next Generation - A XXX Parody

If you thought that the Batman porn parody was good, wait until you see this one. Not only have I never seen a porno with this kind of production value or special effects, but this is the first porno I think I’d like to see for the plot, fuck the… well… uhm… fucking.

“The Avian Factor”

Star Trek: The Next Generation vs. Angry Birds

Recently it was revealed to me that our brave and fearless leader, the almighty Postmodern Moron, has a shameful addiction to some iPhone game I’ve never tried called Angry Birds. Well, you can probably just imagine my delight when this little gem of a video below popped up on my Twitter feed the very next…

How About You Go Fuck a Fruit Basket?

If you’ve never heard of Day Job Orchestra (heretofore mentioned as DJO), then you’re missing out. If you’re anything like me, then you’ve often wondered whether or not Star Trek characters get into three-ways or do coke. This video should answer all these questions and more. Also, I have a sudden craving for apple juice…