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When Sexy Gamers Grow Up

Somehow I do not think that Nintendo and the creators of The Super Mario Brothers would have imagined that this day would come. Two chicks pole dancing to the various music and sound effects from the game. Sorry guys, no nudity. But….you have to admire their athleticism and technique.

Zelda II in 3D!!!

Click on the image below to be carried off to a far away land originally created by the folks at Nintendo, but revamped in 3D by Michael A. Johnston.  This ain’t your daddy’s Zelda, so check it out! This is a fan game made by Michael A Johnston. The original game, characters, sounds, and design…

Metroid Metal

This is probably old news, but here’s some guys that play the music of Metroid in a Metal fashion.  Hence the name. Metroid Metal.  I probably would have named it something a bit more clever, but the name definitely gets the point across.  When you see the name “Metroid Metal”, you’re not left with that…