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Wake Up Virginia

So a fellow medical marijuana patient here in Nevada sent me one of those “sign my petition” links and after I clicked the link and saw only five signatures, I almost felt morally obligated to sign it for my buddy. At the bottom of the petition it asks, “Why are you signing?”

Well, I didn’t want to say that I was only signing it because I felt sorry for my friend, so I actually took the time to think, “hey… why do I believe in this?”

Here’s my answer…

SB336 Only Has Hours Left

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Cindy posted this on the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Meetup Group Forum: Channel 3 news said SB336 is still alive have 48 hours to pass it. They did NOT say anything about bringing MMJ from California. They said the taxes would go to the schools & it would be a “pilot” program with further legislation…

Orientation to Alchemy & Cannabis with FramerMason!

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You are just in time! FramerMason invites you on a strange quest to understand and use Alchemy and Cannabis in a process he likes to call Cannalchemy™! In this orientation video, FramerMason reveals the wonders of monoatomic elements, ormus, and white powder gold with regard to growing the best possible cannabis for your medicinal needs. Click on “Read more” below to watch the video.

How to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Nevada

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UPDATED 5/20/2013 Since obtaining my Medical Marijuana Patient ID in the state of Nevada I’ve been asked countless times “Where can I get one?” WHERE can you get your card? Well, there’s only one place you can legally GO to and that’s Carson City, but what they were really asking me was what place like Dr. Reefer, Diversity, or Premium…

Marijuana Stimulates Brain Cell Growth. No bullshit.

A study at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada proves that Marijuana actually stimulates brain cell growth. THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) stimulates cell growth in regions of the brain associated with anxiety and depression, pointing the way for new treatments for these diseases, according to University of Saskatchewan medical research published today in The Journal of Clinical Investigation. Xia Zhang, an associate professor in the U of S neuropsychiatry research unit, led the team that tested the effects of THC…