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Roger Rabbit… errr… Green Lantern “Parallax” Clip

“Duh, dah, di, dah, di, daaaaah! MMMMMMMyyyyyyyy Buddy Eddie Veeeeeee, a sour-puss you’ll seeeeeeee, but when I’m done, you’ll need no gun, what a joker he will beeeeee!!!” That little diddy by Roger Rabbit is all i can think about when I see that mask… The clip looks pretty good though, I mean Green Lantern…

Postmodern Moron Review: Thor


Yes, Blockbuster season is upon us again. Epic, big-budget, popcorn fare chock full of explosions for all. First at bat this season, Marvel Studios’ highly anticipated “Thor”. Read more for the Postmodern Moron’s surprisingly sober review!

Green Lantern TV Spots

Green Lantern is just around the corner and we are at the period where lots of promotional clips, trailers, and posters are being released. Today we have to opportunity to watch a few TV Spots for the movie and see lots of stuff we have not seen in previous trailers.