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Iron Man 3 Movie Review

Iron Man 3 Movie Review

The Dork Knight’s Iron Man 3 Review Fear not nerdy ones, The Dork Knight has returned for another movie review! This time, your dorky do-gooder got to see Iron Man 3 thanks to the awesome folks at Cosmic Comics! I was even fortunate enough to take Number One (my oldest son) with me too, but before I get into this Iron Man 3 review, let’s…

Golden Girls/ Super Friends Mash-Up

Does this REALLY need a catchy tag line or set-up? Not really, but here ya go:  Super Friends meets the opening to the ever TV classic, ” Golden Girls”. True Story: I’ve always had a thing for Blanche…..


And now… A sneak peek at one of our FUTURE MEDIA PROJECTS! I’m proud to confirm that we ARE in the process of creating an animated web series. The series will be based around our mascot, THE STOP BUGGN MAN. “Complete with a hideout (STOP BUGGN HEAD QUARTERS) and new, unheard of Pest Control technology; pests…

One of MaximuM’s Own is Publishing a Graphic Novel!

Hey there, Postmodern Morons! The guys over at MaximuM Comics are not only well versed in the field of comics knowledge, but also very talented in their own right. Now one of them, Justin Newberry to be specific, has produced a 180 page graphic novel with another local artist, Gilbert Cuevas! Right now they are raising the…