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And now… A sneak peek at one of our FUTURE MEDIA PROJECTS! I’m proud to confirm that we ARE in the process of creating an animated web series. The series will be based around our mascot, THE STOP BUGGN MAN. “Complete with a hideout (STOP BUGGN HEAD QUARTERS) and new, unheard of Pest Control technology; pests…

Cooking with Christopher Walken

Cooking with Christopher Walken

Now I know that this video has been on the Internet for well over three years, but I keep running into people who’ve never seen it so I figure there’s a good chance that this will be new to at least two out of our five regular visitors. Even if you’ve seen it, you’ve got…

Star Wars & Deftones… It’s Like Peanut Butter & Jelly

This just makes sense to me; two of my all time favorite things put together. “Passenger” by Deftones over top of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. I honestly can’t believe it only has 1,045 views. Something must be done about this. Watch this video and leave the creator of it a comment. Share it with your friends. This video deserves more views! Click on “Read More” below to watch! DO IT NOOOOW!!!

Best. Conan. Promo. EVER!

Leno’s got nothing on COCO!!! This motherfucker’s crazy funny! Check out this promo; I still have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard! Don’t forget that CONAN premieres tomorrow night at 11PM EST on TBS!