Ninjabot ORIGIN Series Part II on Kickstarter

Good day fellow comic book lovers! Today I want to share with you a Kickstarter campaign that I have personally pledged to and highly recommend that you do the same:

Ninjabot Origin Series Part II: The Book & New Art Prints

As some of you may know, back in July of this year Ninjabot celebrated the funding of their ORIGIN Series on Kickstarter and I was lucky enough to win a framed Spider-Man print at their ORIGIN Series Kickstarter Launch Party.

The coolest part of winning it was that I willed it to happen like Wayne from Wayne’s World:

“It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine. :-P”

For those of you unfamiliar, here’s a little background:

In April of this year, Ninjabot unveiled their “collection of art prints that had a very unique take on the stories of how our favorite characters came to be.” It was such a huge success that they smashed their goal nine times over. Here’s a peak at that project:

O R I G I N Series - Art Prints by Ninjabot

This time around, not only are they adding prints, but an awesome book too! Check out the video.

With just one week left, they are just over $200 away from meeting their goal to fund the Ninjabot ORIGIN Series Part II. Let’s see if we can help!

Visit and make a pledge!

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