A Star Trek Christmas Love Story


Don’t you just love this time of year?

Whether you believe in the book of Jewish fairy tales (aka The Bible) or just love Santa and his gift giving elves, Christmas seems to bring us all together. This Christmas, let’s take a look aboard the starship Enterprise to see what affect Christmas is having there.

Space is big… really big and it can get really lonely when you’ve been in space for so long. So many Christmases and no family, no snow, no Santa.  Well, that never stopped…


The not-so-secret “bromance” between Kirk and Spock has been exploited in video form many a time (in fact, our favorite video showed just how much Closer the two really wanted to be to one another), but the one below uses a Mariah Carey Christmas tune to show how much these two Jews love each other.

Ahhhh, the symbolism… or is it irony?

No matter!  Behold, in the spirit of Santa Christ, or in celebration of Kwanzikah (take your pick?), I present to you the following gift…

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