Donald Rumsfeld a Lizard?

Donald Rumsfeld a lizard?

Donald Rumsfeld a lizard?

Yeah, you read that right.

Now, I’m not saying that the former United States Secretary of Defense is a lizard (think the television series “V” and I don’t care which, although the wife and I enjoy this new series, but now that I’ve written that the show is doomed for cancellation, or for our true postmodern morons, think David Icke, the british author whose life’s work is exposing the reptilian conspiracy to keep us all trapped in a dream world that we believe to be real), but he wouldn’t even deny it when pressed. Yes, someone actually asked Mr. Rumsfeld if he was a lizard. Who was this mad man? Non other than Postmodern Moron favorite, Louis CK.

I know what you’re thinking now, “Yeah, but he’s a comedian. He was just joking… right?”

Well, maybe, but when Louis CK was asked to drop the question, he said that he would if Mr. Rumsfeld would just deny it, just say he was not a lizard.

Fuck, that’s easy.  Let’s try it now.

Ask me the same question.

“Hey, Dork Knight, are you a lizard?”

I answer with…

“No. I am a human… regrettably.”

See how easy that was? So, did Mr. Rumsfeld do this?

Hell no.  In fact, his response was, “I did not just arrive in town, falling off a turnip truck.” What in the holy hell does that even mean?

Watch (or just listen to) the video below and decide for yourself.

Louis CK had this to say on his YouTube page about it last night:

Cheney a lizard too?

Cheney a lizard too?

“I asked the former secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, if he and Dick Cheney are lizards from outer space who eat human flesh, for example: Mexican babies. He did not answer the question directly. He did not deny it. Much was discussed. Anthony Cumia of the show was simultaneously asking some interesting political questions. Mister Rumsfeld was courteous, but he gave me no reason to doubt that he is a lizard.”

What do you think?

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