“The Pro” Animated Short

Kickstart Productions
a Titmouse Inc. Animation

(created by Garth Ennis,
Amanda Conner, and Jimmy Palmiotti)

What’s up fellow creatures of the night? As usual your caped keystroker is suffering from yet another sleepless night here in Las Vegas and has turned to the Interwebs to find solace among the postmodern morons of the world. One of my first stops is an up-and-coming nerd news source, the Nerd Farm Blog, and the Nerd Farm’s posts on the Cosmic Comics! website. Well, tonight, I’ve found a treat.

"The Pro" Animated ShortThis past Saturday Nerd Farm posted “Try The Pro if You Like Hookers and Blow,” a review of the Garth Ennis TPB (that’s trade paperback for those of you who are not hip to comic book lingo) The Pro (which is apparently enjoying a healthy run as its on its sixth reprint).  This review looked like something I simply had to read ’cause what guy in Las Vegas doesn’t like hookers and blow?

According to Nerd Farm Blog, The Pro is about Lunar Lass, a “foul mouthed street walking prostitute” who gets super powers from an alien known as The Viewer and is then thrust into the world of superherodom when recruited by a group of  your run-of-the-mill superheroes, The League. Here’s an excerpt from the Nerd Farm Blog review that really grabbed my attention:

“Only Garth Ennis could make even Bob Saget blush with the amount of crude humor that’s in this book… You’re not going to get many books with golden showers, a gauntlet of rear defilement, unforgiving language, and super hero ejaculate taking down a commercial airliner.” –NerdFarmBlog.com

You read that right… golden showers and super hero ejaculate taking down a commercial airliner… Holy shit! If only this were made into an animated–wait, what?!? It was?!?

That’s right fellow insomniacs, Jimmy Palmiotti, the story’s tracer–I mean inker, apparently has a production company, Kickstart Productions Inc., that hired the same kick-ass animation studio that brought the world such animated masterpieces as Metalocalypse and The Venture Bros., Titmouse Inc., and they created the glorious video below which seems to be a pitch for a series. Enjoy, but be warned!!! This video is pretty hardcore.

After watching that I simply must purchase this book and wish this would have been made into an HBO mini-series or something like that, but seeing how one of the book and show’s creators, Jimmy Palmiotti, posted this on his own YouTube channel nearly two years ago, it doesn’t seem likely. I guess the world just isn’t ready for a hooker superhero… yet.

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