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A Father of the Year Candidate.

  Since the dawn of time,  the competitive bond that forms between a father and his son is rather unique.  I think it has to do with testosterone and the infamous  “passing the torch”. However, this dad has taken things just a liiiittttlllle tooooo far. FYI- NSFW  

When Sexy Gamers Grow Up

Somehow I do not think that Nintendo and the creators of The Super Mario Brothers would have imagined that this day would come. Two chicks pole dancing to the various music and sound effects from the game. Sorry guys, no nudity. But….you have to admire their athleticism and technique.


SCHWARZENEGGER IS BACK! Luckily, not as another politician. This time the ex-California Governor superstar will combat the city fighting gangs such as the G.I.R.L.I.E. MEN and protecting all that is good while crushing evil as, THE GOVERNATOR! UNFORTUNATELY UGM ARE A BUNCH OF, “BUSINESS MEN” SO THEY WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO SPREAD THE WORD…


Now for those of you have seen this, it’s nothing more than a strip tease (and one that is getting on my nerves) for returning gamers. I believe you’ll find this quiet intriguing. I give you… BLACK MESA: SOURCE A MOD of the original Half-Life BLACK MESA, will be COMPLETELY FREE when its released. I…