I tend to poop a lot.


We all know by now that Hollywood has officially run out of ideas. However, the porn industry just keep churning out quality material. ( No pun intended) Here is the latest nugget of smut, a parody of the classic 1960’s Batman TV series. Here’s a preview:

Star Wars + Girls x Soap and Water= Joygasm

Yes my young Padawans, just when you thought that you could just get those ever-so annoying breast shaped smears on your windshield from your local strip club…..THINK AGAIN! Now you can combine your long lived Return of the Jedi fantasy with a little soap and water, courtesy of Chris Gore and his recent Star Wars…

Play Atari 2600 games online for FREE!

One of the many joys of the internets, other than the vast amount of porn, is FREE STUFF and nostalgic entertainment to prevent you from being productive. Here’s a fantastic example. This handy little site allows you to play an array of Atari 2600 games via your desktop.

You’re doing what with who?!?!

Religion is many things to many types of people.  Especially when it comes to “praising” said Deity.  My only guess by watching this clip is that we have a better idea start of the origins of “Bong Hits for Jesus.”