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The Walking Dead “18 Miles Out” Viewing Party

After last week’s tragic mishandling by Daddy Mac’s of the Cosmic Comics The Walking Dead viewing party last week, the group has, much like the zombies of The Walking Dead, roamed to a new location to watch their beloved show over some beers. This Sunday, February 26, 2012, the group will venture over to Putter’s…

Anonymity Ball 4: Cuckoo’s Cabaret

Slave of the Muse announces the fourth installment of the Anonymity Masquerade Ball, Cuckoo’s Cabaret at the Brass Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday, March 24, 2012. The masquerade ball will feature cabaret performances, roving acts, and a high energy dance party. “Looking back, it is exciting that we are already in our fourth…

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Robin Logo in The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

So if you follow me on Facebook, then you’ve already seen this video as I shared it there earlier today, but I mainly wanted to post it here so it’s easier for me to find. I still need to get used to the new Facebook timeline.

Also, there may be a couple of you who don’t give a shit about Facebook or more specifically my Facebook, so this may be the first time someone gets to see it.

Wake Up Virginia

So a fellow medical marijuana patient here in Nevada sent me one of those “sign my petition” links and after I clicked the link and saw only five signatures, I almost felt morally obligated to sign it for my buddy. At the bottom of the petition it asks, “Why are you signing?”

Well, I didn’t want to say that I was only signing it because I felt sorry for my friend, so I actually took the time to think, “hey… why do I believe in this?”

Here’s my answer…

The Corporate Clutch

The Corporate Clutch

Over a year ago when I literally lived on the corner of Paradise and life was awesome, I dabbled in song writing. My old friend, Jason AKA The Postmodern Moron, was regularly playing the drums with some cat who wants to besmirch my name and doesn’t even know me… I digress.. Anyway, there was a…

MaximuM Comics Official Eisner Nomination Video

MaximuM Comics Eisner Video

Hello fellow Postmodern Morons!!! The Dork Knight is back with a treat I’m sure you’ll all enjoy. I’ve had the great pleasure of working for MaximuM Jay on his website for a few months and recently he came to me with the news of his Eisner nomination and asked if I could help with his…